Tools & Guides

For decades, Public Agenda has worked in communities across the U.S. and internationally to foster sustained engagement. We’ve been inspired by the expertise of our partners in those places, as well as by the work of other practitioners. Building on the lessons learned on-the-ground and in the field, we created the tools and guides below to support practitioners in their efforts to understand, plan, measure and sustain public engagement.

How-To Resources for Engagement 

Measuring Engagement

  • Engagement Scorecard: Blog post featuring Public Agenda’s own engagement measurement tool for community members to rate their experiences with public engagement activities.

Digital Engagement Tools 

  • Digital Tools for Engagement: Blog post featuring many of the engagement tools used by Public Agenda in our own practice and work.
  • Text, Talk, Engage (TTE): Accessible and customizable SMS tool that combines texting with face-to-face discussion to inform public policy, stimulate volunteerism and organize new initiatives.
  • Engagement Games
    • Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Game: Digital quiz that leads participants through the do’s and don'ts of emergency response.
    • Jamaica Bay Jeopardy: Part of Cycles of Resilience, this version of the popular TV game show helps build solidarity among neighbors in Jamaica Bay and informs participants about waterways and coastal ecosystems.

Resources for Educators