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New York City is where Public Agenda began in 1975, and the organization has deep ties to the many diverse cultures, ethnicities, races, identities, and religions that make our city great. Our public engagement and research work in New York addresses entrenched inequities in communities across the five boroughs and helps those most vulnerable raise up their voice and participate in democracy. We also partner with government offices, policymakers, foundations, nonprofits, and grassroots organizations to help build learning tools, conduct deep listening to understand community challenges, and facilitate engagement around those challenges. The ultimate goal of our work is to create a stronger, more inclusive, more participatory democracy where community members and leaders work together to build healthier communities.

Our projects range from co-designing community-driven resiliency plans in Jamaica Bay, offering technical assistance to the NYC Department of Small Businesses Services’ Avenue NYC initiative, conducting an engagement scan of community strengths and weaknesses in the Bronx for NYC Service and the Community Affairs Unit, and facilitating conversations around racial equity with the New York Public Library.


Cycles of Engagement: Environmental Resilience

Bringing residents, scientists and local government together to empower community-led action in response to climate change.

Keeping Communities Connected: Economic Development

Working with community-based development organizations to provide technical assistance and strategic guidance.

Learning from a Neighborhood in the Bronx

Exploring the ways that community members in the Norwood neighborhood of the Bronx mobilize around shared issues and concerns, as well as the structures and supports that catalyze engagement.

Reports & Resources