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Through qualitative and quantitative opinion research, we answer such questions as: How concerned are people about an issue? What kinds of solutions do they support or reject? What is driving their thinking (e.g., values and beliefs, perceptions and misperceptions, facts and myths, fears and aspirations)? Where is the common ground and where are the important disagreements? Where are most people on their learning curve toward sound public judgment? How can people be productively engaged on the topic? 

In addition to our classic methodologies, we offer two signature research methods that may be appropriate for particular goals and projects: 

  • Hidden Common Ground Research™ identifies under-appreciated, under-leveraged areas of agreement among the public on solutions to politically gridlocked problems.
  • Learning Curve Researchlooks beyond the public’s current opinions to explore how their thinking evolves on an issue as they learn and deliberate, as well as what helps and hinders people in developing sounder public judgment.  

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