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Public Agenda works to build an informed and inclusive democracy for all Americans through solutions-focused programs and partnerships.

Learn more about our approach to public engagement and public opinion research.

Do you want to:

  • Listen more closely and effectively to your community or stakeholders?
  • Create greater trust, connection, and social capital?
  • Bring people together to forge fair, effective, sustainable solutions to tough problems?
  • Change the way you operate to make the above a permanent fixture rather than an occasional exercise?
  • Understand public opinion more deeply to create productive public conversations?

For over 40 years, Public Agenda has offered communities, cities, states, foundations, public-serving organizations, and major initiatives a unique set of capabilities and assets to accomplish these essential goals. These include:

  • Public opinion research expertise informed by our powerful, signature stages-of-public-judgment framework.
  • Field-leading, multi-method expertise in public and stakeholder engagement, along with practical knowledge of what works based on decades of hands-on experience.
  • A hard-earned reputation for fair-minded, nonpartisan, high-quality work. 

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