How We Work

Public Agenda works to strengthen democracy and expand opportunity for all Americans through public engagement and public opinion research. Our work with partners focuses on sustainable approaches that utilize digital and traditional engagement strategies and research methodologies to reinforce community networks and clarify public-decision making.

Do you want to:

  • Listen more closely and effectively to your community or stakeholders?
  • Create greater trust, connection, and social capital?
  • Bring people together to forge fair, effective, sustainable solutions to tough problems?
  • Change the way you operate to make the above a permanent fixture rather than an occasional exercise? 

For over 40 years, Public Agenda has offered communities, cities, states, foundations, public-serving organizations, and major initiatives a unique set of capabilities and assets to accomplish these essential goals. These include:

  • Public opinion research expertise informed by our powerful, signature stages-of-public-judgment framework.
  • Field-leading, multi-method expertise in public and stakeholder engagement, along with practical knowledge of what works based on decades of hands-on experience.
  • A hard-earned reputation for fair-minded, nonpartisan, high-quality work. 

Our clients:

Center for Effective Public Policy

Vermont School Boards Association

Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay

Charter Schools in Perspective

HCM Strategists

Children's Aid

Black Hawk College

Sunset Park BID

Queens Economic Development Corporation

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