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A Two-Way Street: Building Trust Between People with Medicaid and Primary Care Doctors

Trust is central to relationships between patients and health care providers. Patients who are more trusting of their providers tend to be more satisfied with their treatment, behave in ways...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus, Part 2

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus: Results from the second wave of a Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos survey of Americans’ views on reopening their communities Americans see the virus as...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus, Part 1

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus: Results from a Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Snapshot Survey According to a new Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Hidden Common Ground Survey, Americans are aligned on...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Improving Health Care

This report draws on a Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Hidden Common Ground nationally representative survey of American adults as well as four focus groups exploring the views and values of the...
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We Can Do Better: New York State Residents Weigh In on Health Care Quality

This report explores the views of New York State residents about health care quality, including what they think quality means, what kinds of information about quality they want, whom they...
Child At Doctor

It’s About Trust: Low-Income Parents’ Perspectives on How Pediatricians Can Screen for Social Determinants of Health

Unmet social needs in early childhood can have long-lasting and wide-ranging consequences, including increased risk for chronic health conditions, behavioral problems and poor academic performance. The American Academy of Pediatrics...
female Doctor showing digital tablet to patient in hospital

Qualities That Matter: Public Perceptions of Quality in Diabetes Care, Joint Replacement and Maternity Care

Low-quality care can be both tragic and financially costly for patients and families. Measuring quality is crucial to improving quality, to paying doctors and hospitals based on patients' health outcomes,...
A female pharmacist sits with a senior female patient in the pharmacist consultation area and discusses her prescription and choice of medication. In the background a father and daughter stand at the dispensing counter and are served by a female pharmacy assistant .

Still Searching: How People Use Health Care Price Information in the United States

Historically, the health care system has not made it easy for people to find out how much their care will cost them out of pocket. Recently, insurers, state governments, employers...