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PA Qualities Report Cover Image

We Can Do Better: New York State Residents Weigh In on Health Care Quality

This report explores the views of New York State residents about health care quality, including what they think quality means, what kinds of information about quality they want, whom they...
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Mobilizing Employers, Parents and Communities for K-12 Education

What do employers think of the education system? What do Americans think is the purpose of public K-12 education? What should students be learning? What are the challenges faced by...
Biasinschools Guide

Addressing Incidents of Bias in Schools: A Guide for Preventing and Reacting to Discrimination Affecting Students

There's a growing concern about discrimination and hate crimes taking place across the country. While incidents of bias can occur anywhere, it's especially troubling when it happens in our schools....
Child At Doctor

It’s About Trust: Low-Income Parents’ Perspectives on How Pediatricians Can Screen for Social Determinants of Health

Health care providers and payers are increasingly taking responsibility for health outcomes and population health through a variety of approaches, including screening for social determinants of health. Just as pediatricians...
Our Next Assignment Hewlett Report Cover

Our Next Assignment: Where Americans Stand on Public K-12 Education

The landscape of K–12 education in the United States has shifted substantially in the last 10 years. These shifts, often marked by significant controversy, have been driven in part by...
A Major Step

A Major Step: What Adults Without Degrees Say About Going (Back) to College

What Adults Without Degrees Say About Going (Back) to College Millions of American adults either have no education beyond high school or have some college but no degree. Helping more...
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Teacher Collaboration In Perspective

Teacher Collaboration In Perspective, a joint project of the Spencer Foundation and Public Agenda, is designed to contribute to a better-informed dialogue about how teachers can work more collaboratively. This...
female Doctor showing digital tablet to patient in hospital

Qualities That Matter: Public Perceptions of Quality in Diabetes Care, Joint Replacement and Maternity Care

Low-quality care can be both tragic and financially costly for patients and families. Measuring quality is crucial to improving quality, to paying doctors and hospitals based on patients' health outcomes,...