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Americans’ Views of How the News Media Covers Teachers

By Brian Schulz | May 3, 2022

Executive Summary This report focuses on how Americans and K–12 public school teachers in particularview news media coverage of teachers and how they view the teaching professionoverall. Findings from this nationally representative survey of American adults and ofK–12 public teachers, fielded in November 2020, include the following: 1. While nearly all Americans believe that teachers … Read more

America’s Hidden Common Ground: Putting Partisan Animosity in Perspective

By Brian Schulz | December 8, 2021

Executive Summary This Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground report focuses on affective polarization, meaning negative feelings towards people whose political views differ from one’s own. Findings from this nationally representative survey of American adults, fielded in September 2021, include: 1. Americans are united in thinking that partisan hostility and divisiveness harm the country and … Read more

Essential Educators: Teacher and Parent Views on COVID-19

By Nina | January 27, 2021

After a challenging fall semester, a national survey from Public Agenda finds that K-12 teachers and parents are largely on the same page regarding education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just over half of both teachers and parents feel that their communities value teachers more now than before the pandemic. While only one-third of parents think … Read more

Hidden Common Ground: Strange Bedfellows

By Nina | October 20, 2020

The Strange Bedfellows stories bring together moments of Americans from all over the country working together across political, racial, religious and other perceived dividing lines, to solve real problems facing their communities.

A Two-Way Street: Building Trust Between People with Medicaid and Primary Care Doctors

By Brian Schulz | October 15, 2020

Trust is central to relationships between patients and health care providers. Patients who are more trusting of their providers tend to be more satisfied with their treatment, behave in ways that are more beneficial to their health, report fewer symptoms and have a higher quality of life. Research and interventions related to trust overwhelmingly focus … Read more

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Economic Opportunity and Inequality

By Nina | September 24, 2020

Economic Opportunity and Inequality: A Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Hidden Common Ground Survey Americans across the political spectrum support many measures to create good jobs and increase opportunity. These include infrastructure investments, retraining programs, affordable childcare, raising the minimum wage, and incentives for businesses to keep jobs in the U.S. An 80% majority of Americans supports … Read more

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Immigration

By Nina | August 12, 2020

This report explores the views and values of the American public on immigration, including how much change people think the immigration system needs, their goals and priorities for changing it, and their views on various proposals for doing so. Drawing on a Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos national survey of American adults and four focus groups, the … Read more