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A Better Deal? Comparing Alumni’s Experiences with Online Degrees at For-Profit and Nonprofit Colleges

Executive Summary Online degree programs were common even before the COVID-19 pandemic. In the fall of 2019, about 18 percent of undergraduates were enrolled in what the U.S. Department of...
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Who Profits? Students’ Experiences at For-Profit Colleges

Executive Summary For-profit colleges’ have generated regulatory scrutiny and litigation because of their recruitment tactics, graduation rates, costs and loan default rates. Compared to public higher education institutions, for-profit colleges...
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Eager to Build Bridges: Religious and Spiritual Americans’ Desire to Connect Across Partisan Divides

Executive Summary Most Americans consider partisan divisiveness a problem and want politicians to put aside differences and compromise, according to this Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground survey of 2,219...
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The Political Alienation Barometer

When democracies face challenges, the key to their survival are citizens believing in their own institutions. As our democracy experiences increased strain due to leader and activist polarization, we must...
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America’s Hidden Common Ground on Public Higher Education: What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

Executive Summary Americans think higher education can help people economically, particularly in their home states, according to this Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground (HCG) research. But by a variety...
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Journalists Discuss Reporting on Common Ground and Divisiveness

Executive Summary How do journalists view their roles and responsibilities in reporting on cross-partisan common ground and divisiveness? What do they believe would help to support developing different approaches to...
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Americans’ Views of How the News Media Covers Teachers

Executive Summary This report focuses on how Americans and K–12 public school teachers in particularview news media coverage of teachers and how they view the teaching professionoverall. Findings from this...

America’s Hidden Common Ground: Putting Partisan Animosity in Perspective

Executive Summary This Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground report focuses on affective polarization, meaning negative feelings towards people whose political views differ from one’s own. Findings from this nationally...
Essential Educators

Essential Educators: Teacher and Parent Views on COVID-19

After a challenging fall semester, a national survey from Public Agenda finds that K-12 teachers and parents are largely on the same page regarding education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just...

Hidden Common Ground: Strange Bedfellows

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A Two-Way Street: Building Trust Between People with Medicaid and Primary Care Doctors

Trust is central to relationships between patients and health care providers. Patients who are more trusting of their providers tend to be more satisfied with their treatment, behave in ways...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Economic Opportunity and Inequality

Economic Opportunity and Inequality: A Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos Hidden Common Ground Survey Americans across the political spectrum support many measures to create good jobs and increase opportunity. These include infrastructure...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Immigration

This report explores the views and values of the American public on immigration, including how much change people think the immigration system needs, their goals and priorities for changing it,...
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Shifting Priorities: Participatory Budgeting in New York City is Associated with Increased Investments in Schools, Street and Traffic Improvements, and Public Housing

In participatory budgeting (PB), residents instead of public officials decide how public money is spent. PB may reveal that residents prioritize different investments than public officials, which could lead to...

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus, Part 2

America’s Hidden Common Ground on the Coronavirus: Results from the second wave of a Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos survey of Americans’ views on reopening their communities Americans see the virus as...