The New York Metro Agenda

The New York Metro Agenda is our program specifically serving our home city and region through nonpartisan research, cutting-edge public engagement, and local events. 

New York is our home base. It is also a hotbed of democratic innovation, and we are supporting this civic energy through actionable research, cutting-edge democratic practices, and thought-provoking events. Recent local projects have supported better health care services for low-income families; better small business/community relations; and collaboration between residents and scientists on environmental resilience in Jamaica Bay.


Cycles of Engagement: Environmental Resilience

Bringing residents, scientists and local government together to empower community-led action in response to climate change.

Keeping Communities Connected: Economic Development

Working with community-based development organizations to provide technical assistance and strategic guidance.

Learning from a Neighborhood in the Bronx

Exploring the ways that community members in the Norwood neighborhood of the Bronx mobilize around shared issues and concerns, as well as the structures and supports that catalyze engagement.

Reports & Resources