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The Hidden Common Ground Initiative

The Hidden Common Ground Initiative™ challenges the increasingly dominant narrative of a hopelessly divided America by identifying and elevating the areas where American’s agree on politically polarized issues, and by fostering productive dialogue on those areas where we truly disagree. 

A self-defeating narrative is taking hold in America: that we are so profoundly divided that we cannot possibly understand each other, let alone find common ground or work together to achieve common ends. The Hidden Common Ground Initiative (HCG), by contrast, focuses on little known or otherwise under-appreciated areas of agreement among the public on solutions to tough issues, like health care, criminal justice and economic development.  

Through research, we will identify areas of true public agreement on solutions, as well as nascent areas of agreement and insights into how to strengthen them. Then, through creative communications, we will make these “HCG solutions” more salient in America’s public conversations. We intend to inform public policy, stimulate problem-solving in communities, help citizens hold leaders accountable for progress and stir hope for the future. 

We believe that this work will also make it more possible for Americans to confront and navigate our real divides—for surely it is harder to address authentic divisions if we are constantly being told we disagree, and hopelessly so, on virtually everything.