Health Care

Health care is at the top of the public’s agenda, which puts it squarely on our agenda as well. Our research elevates the public’s values and concerns in America’s health care debates, and our public engagement programs and project gives communities a larger voice in health care decisions that affect people’s lives. Current and recent work includes: 

  • We Can Do Better: New York State Residents Weigh In on Health Care Quality released October 2019, explores the views of New York State residents about health care quality, including what they think quality means, what kinds of information about quality they want, whom they want it from, and what they think the state government’s role should be in providing information about quality and in holding doctors and hospitals accountable for quality.
  • Community Voices for Health launched in Fall 2019, promotes stronger engagement among marginalized and underserved communities, so their voices are heard in healthcare policymaking decisions, their efforts to solved problems are supported, and their community networks are strengthened.
  • Still Searching: How People Use Health Care Price Information in the United States, our 2017 report based on surveys and focus groups with Americans nationwide and with residents of four selected states, including New York State, regarding how people seek and use health care price information.
  • Qualities that Matter, our 2017 report based on surveys and focus groups with people recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes care, who recently had a joint replacement surgery or who recently gave birth regarding what they think makes for good quality health care.

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