Yankelovich Stronger Democracy Program: Tools

The Yankelovich Stronger Democracy Program contributes research, ideas and tools in support of a healthier democracy that better serves all Americans, one in which sound public judgment, meaningful public participation, and responsive public institutions are the norm. 

Making Public Participation Legal: Three Minutes at the Microphone

October 3, 2013

Most of the laws that govern public participation in the U.S. are over thirty years old. They do not match the expectations and capacities of citizens today, they pre-date the Internet, and they do not reflect the lessons learned in the last two decades about how citizens and governments can work together. Increasingly, public administrators…

Addressing Incidents of Bias in Schools: A Guide for Preventing and Reacting to Discrimination Affecting Students

September 16, 2019

There’s a growing concern about discrimination and hate crimes taking place across the country. While incidents of bias can occur anywhere, it’s especially troubling when it happens in our schools. Discussing race and discrimination can be difficult for the most seasoned of professionals, however, that discomfort should not prevent important conversations from taking place. This…

Text, Talk, Engage

June 13, 2019

Title Text, Talk, Engage (TTE) combines digital technology and face-to-face discussion to inform public policy, stimulate volunteerism or organize new initiatives. It is a proven, cost-effective and efficient means to engage diverse members of a community, which can be applied as a stand-alone strategy or embedded in a larger engagement campaign. Text, Talk, Engage to…