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The Hidden Common Ground Initiative™ challenges the increasingly dominant narrative of a hopelessly divided America by identifying and elevating the areas where American’s agree on politically polarized issues, and by fostering productive dialogue on those areas where we truly disagree.

Latest Reports:

The Yankelovich Stronger Democracy Program contributes research, ideas and tools that support sound public judgment and meaningful public participation.

The New York Metro Agenda is our program specifically serving our home city and region through nonpartisan research, cutting-edge public engagement and local events. 

While much of our work has been national, we’re now doing more to serve our home city and region as well. Recent local projects have supported better health care services for low-income families; better small businesses/community relations; and collaboration between residents and scientists on environmental resilience in Jamaica Bay.

A Day on the Beach: Creating Community Through Research

Parris and his team at SRIJB, along with Public Agenda and Billion Oyster Project, hosted the “Getting to Know the Bay” boat tour, on June 24, to give residents a close-up look at the biological history and current preservation of Jamaica Bay.

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