Nonpartisan Public Agenda Launches 2012 Voter Guide Series

Citizens' Solutions Guides offer hard-nosed and unbiased critique of policy platforms; help citizens face up to the trade-offs behind them


  • Series of 6 free guides tackle the federal budget, energy, health care, education, immigration, and jobs and the economy.
  • Each guide examines 3 or 4 real policy options and their pros and cons.
  • Guides cut through campaign spin and help voters face up to what's really at stake.

New York, NY -- Public Agenda, a nonpartisan research and public engagement organization, today released the Citizens' Solutions Guides, a series of 6 free voter guides that help citizens navigate the issues and weigh candidate positions.

Each Citizens' Solutions Guide provides essential background on a complex issue and analyzes the pros and cons behind some of the policy solutions endorsed by candidates, so that voters can weigh the tradeoffs before they head to the polls.

Candidates make big promises and often avoid talking about the consequences of their endorsed approaches. The Citizens' Solutions Guides cut through misleading rhetoric, conflicting information and spin, as well as voters' own wishful thinking, so that voters can choose the solution that works for them and vote for the candidate that best matches their priorities.

"Citizens are not well-served by the typical campaign rhetoric that panders to wishful thinking or presents complex problems requiring tough choices as if they were a battle between the forces of light and those of darkness," said Will Friedman, president of Public Agenda. "We'll make little progress on the issues if we don't help citizens understand the tradeoffs involved and the possibilities for compromise. We hope Public Agenda's Citizens' Solutions Guides help to create a more productive conversation for the coming election and beyond."

Citizens have a responsibility to head to the polls informed of their options and understanding the consequences that those options may entail. Yet voters are busy, and often overwhelmed by the blitzkrieg of data and spin. The Citizens' Solutions Guides are accessibly written and to the point, giving voters the unbiased information they need quickly and efficiently.

The Citizens' Solutions Guides are made possible through generous support from The Dilenschneider Group. Each guide is available as a downloadable and interactive PDF and includes a brief overview of the selected topic, an evenhanded review of possible solutions, the pros and cons of each approach, and resources for readers to learn and do more. The web versions of the guides also offer additional material, including resources for voters to learn more about the issues and prepare for Election Day. All of the guides are free and available online at

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