Maxwell School Public Agenda Policy Breakfast

October 21, 2010

Dr. David Baltimore


Maxwell School

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, founded in 1924, is the premier academic institution in the United States committed to scholarship, civic leadership, and education in public and international affairs. Maxwell is home to Syracuse University's social science departments and to numerous nationally recognized multidisciplinary graduate programs in public policy, international studies, social policy, and conflict resolution. Maxwell's graduate program in public administration-the first of its kind-is ranked consistently the best in the nation.

Public Agenda

Public Agenda's mission is to strengthen our nation's democratic capacity and its ability to tackle tough issues by ensuring that the public's thinking-in all its complexities and contradictions-is understood by leaders, and by fostering the best possible conditions and opportunities for the public to engage in the problem-solving process. Public Agenda is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1975 by social scientist and author Daniel Yankelovich and former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

Private contributions make the Policy Breakfast series possible.

If you would like to help support future speakers, or otherwise assist with the presentation of this series, please contact Mitchel Wallerstein, dean of the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, at 315-443-3461; or Ruth Wooden, president of Public Agenda, at 212-686-6610.

The sponsors thank Bernard G. and Louise B. Palitz for their generous support of the Policy Breakfast series.

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