Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy

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Thursday, October 1, 2015
12:30 PM to 2:30 PM (PDT)
IAP2 NorCal
San Josť, CA

In the Bay Area October 1st? Join Matt Leighninger, our new VP and director of public engagement, as he discusses his new book.

Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy, co-written with Tina Nabatchi, explores the theory and practice of public participation in decision making and problem solving. It examines how public participation developed over time to include myriad thick, thin and conventional opportunities, occurring in both face-to-face meetings and online settings. The book explores the use of participation in various arenas, including education, health, land use, and state and federal government. It offers a practical framework for thinking about how to engage citizens effectively, and clear explanations of participation scenarios, tactics and designs. Finally, the book provides a sensible approach for reshaping our participation infrastructure to meet the needs of public officials and citizens.

Who should attend? Elected officials, public administrators, planners, public participation practitioners, and anyone with related areas of interest.

This event is being co-hosted by IAP2 NorCal and the Institute for Local Government.

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