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Past Issues

23-Mar-17  Still Searching (NEW!)

01-Mar-17  More Light on What Unites

26-Jan-17  Finding Common Ground Across the "Two Americas"

22-Dec-16  Forging Ahead in 2017

27-Oct-16  Join a Better Conversation this Election Season

15-Sep-16  The public may be losing faith in higher education. What does that mean for leaders?

21-Jul-16  Testing Democracy's Resilience

23-Jun-16  On Gun Control, Special Interests vs the Public Interest

20-May-16  Fixing What Ails Democracy

21-Apr-16  The Call to Grapple With Housing Affordability

18-Mar-16  Flying Below the Radar: Making Local Progress in Spite of National Dysfunction

19-Feb-16  Only Authentic Community Engagement and Empowerment Can Begin to Restore Flint

21-Jan-16  New Year, New Newsletter

17-Dec-15  Letter from Will: Looking Forward to 2016

05-Nov-15  Restoring Opportunity: Perils and Promises for Education

08-Oct-15  Public Agenda/WNYC New York Metro Area Survey

10-Sep-15  Choosing College: How Can We Help Students Make Better Decisions?

13-Aug-15  Welcome Matt Leighninger, New Director of Public Engagement

16-Jul-15  Notes from the Field: Public Engagement in South Australia

18-Jun-15  Polling the Public

05-Jun-15  Despite Falsified Study, People's Opinions Can and Do Change Through Dialogue

21-May-15  Corinthian Dominates Headlines, but Students and Employers on For-Profits' Sidelines

07-May-15  Have a Better Conversation About Charter Schools

23-Apr-15  Public Agenda at 40 Years: Celebrating the Past and Envisioning the Future

09-Apr-15  Getting Your Message Out (and Why It's Not Enough)

26-Mar-15  What Does the Public Need to Know About Health Care Prices?

12-Mar-15  Do Americans Want More Information About Health Care Costs?

26-Feb-15  Research and Evaluation of Participatory Budgeting in the U.S. and Canada

12-Feb-15  Paying for Quality over Quantity in Health Care: Why the Public Ought to Be Engaged

29-Jan-15  What Older Students Worry About and How New Thinking on Higher Ed May Help

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