Bold Solutions to Housing Affordability

Cities thrive because diverse, ambitious, talented people intersect in ways that foster innovation and opportunity.

In cities across the nation, and in the New York metro area especially, housing affordability is a growing concern. The next Wadsworth Fund project will enable us to conduct innovative research and create practical tools to empower communities and educate policymakers to work collaboratively on solutions that directly address the public's concerns.

We need insight from neighborhoods, not just experts, to inform work on the ground. We need public support to carry reforms through the inevitable bumps of implementation. Moreover, people should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives, and few issues do so more directly than housing. Public Agenda’s Affordable City Initiative will help engage the public on this crucial challenge and give people a voice in search for solutions.

Everyone has a stake in housing affordability. Everyone should have a voice. By supporting Public Agenda with a donation, you are creating a stronger democratic process that connects the will and voice of the people with policymakers.

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