Meet The Team

Vania Andre

Communications Associate

Joan Austin

Administrative Assistant

Patricia Balaci

Program Development Associate

Chandler Bazemore

Director of Donor Development

Roslyn Beck

Executive Assistant to the President

Nicole Cabral

Senior Public Engagement Associate

Martin Carcasson

Senior Public Engagement Fellow

Sung Hee Cho

Graphic Designer & Data Visualization Specialist

KC Deane


Maureen E. Devlin

Senior Fellow, Higher Education and Workforce Programs

Antonio Diep

Research Associate

Steve Farkas

Senior Research Fellow

Madison Gordon

Associate, Higher Education & Workforce Engagement

John Immerwahr

Senior Research & Public Engagement Fellow

Jean Johnson

Senior Fellow & Special Adviser

Alison Kadlec, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Director of Higher Education & Workforce Engagement

Matt Leighninger

Vice President of Public Engagement & Director of the Yankelovich Center for Public Judgement

Paul Markham

Vice President, Organizational Strategy & Sustainability; Associate Director, Higher Education & Workforce Engagement

Zoe Mintz

Associate, Higher Education & Workforce Engagement

Jennifer Orellana

Coordinator, Research and Higher Education & Workforce Engagement Teams

Ravi Reddi

Research Associate

Chloe Rinehart

Research Associate

Rebecca Silliman

Senior Research Associate

Michael L. Rojas

Webmaster & Communications Associate

David Schleifer, Ph.D.

Director of Research

Brian Scios

Director of Communications

Judith Weissman, CPA

Senior Vice President, Director of Finance & Administration

Tiffani Williams

Senior Associate, Higher Education & Workforce Programs


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