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Multi-Partner Projects

Public Agenda is or has been a partner in a number of broad initiatives, including:

Goal 2025: An initiative, funded by the Lumina Foundation, to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality college degrees, certificates or other credentials to 60% by 2025.

Completion by Design: A five-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative that works with community colleges to significantly increase completion and graduation rates for low-income students under 26.

Achieving the Dream: A national nonprofit dedicated to helping more community college students, particularly low-income students and students of color, stay in school and earn a college certificate or degree.

Everyone at the Table: A collaboration with American Institutes for Research, Everyone at the Table provides research-based materials to help meaningfully engage teachers on evaluation reform. A book on the issue is also forthcoming in June 2013.

Choosing Our Fiscal Future: An online and social media platform to help citizens make sense of our country's fiscal challenges and possible approaches to solving them.

Facing Up to the Nation's Finances: A nonpartisan project on the long-term challenges of the federal budget.

Planet Forward: A platform for experts and engaged citizens to come together to find solutions to our shared challenges, specifically in the areas of energy, climate and sustainability.

Community and State Engagement Initiatives

The following case studies provide a glimpse into some recent community engagement initiatives the Public Engagement team has embarked on. These descriptions demonstrate what can be accomplished by engaging local communities and generating honest, productive dialogue.