Goal 2025

Goal 2025

Increasing the Number of Americans with High-Quality Credentials

Lumina Foundation aims to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality college degrees, certificates or other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. They call this Goal 2025. Public Agenda is a partner in this effort. Our role is to:

  • Help build trust between the leaders that make decisions and the on-the-ground individuals affected by those decisions.
  • Promote the use of thoughtful, well-designed engagement to make better decisions.
  • Foster collaboration within and among institutions and higher education systems.

We do this by:

  • Engaging diverse stakeholders. These include institutional leaders, trustees, students, full-time and adjunct faculty and policy leaders, including accrediting agencies and members of the United States Department of Education.

  • Designing conversations that create momentum for change. Facilitating, among these stakeholders, small-group dialogues and large-scale meetings that build forward momentum for progress. These dialogues and meetings often concern sensitive topics related to higher education reform, financial sustainability and institutional efficiency.

  • Building capacity for sustained engagement. Helping institutional leaders with the smart design of dialogues and meetings, so that their engagement efforts can be sustained. This includes training institutional leaders to moderate productive discussion on sensitive issues.

  • Listening to understand diverse points of view. Conducting research to understand what key stakeholders think, where they are coming from and why. These stakeholders include institutional leaders, trustees, faculty, students, institutional staff, government officials, employers and the general public.

  • Exploring the conditions that support innovation. Investigating the best ways to implement and sustain innovations that enhance teaching and learning and accelerate credential attainment. These innovations include technology-enhanced classes, competency-based education and data-driven curriculum design.

  • Creating frameworks for collaboration. Working with institutional leaders to facilitate structures and systems for collaboration among institutions and higher education systems. This collaboration helps institutional leaders share knowledge and best practices and leverage their collective power.

As part of this project, we work with two and four-year institutions and higher education networks in New York, Texas, Indiana, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland and Arizona as well as a network of public flagship universities across the country.

Other partners in the effort include Catalytica, HCM Strategists, the Hatcher Group, and SPEC Associates. Read more about the effort at Lumina Foundation's website.

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