Everyone at the Table

Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt, Allison Rizzolo, Sabrina W. Laine, Will Friedman

A proven method for working with teachers to design better evaluations

Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform, from Public Agenda and the American Institutes for Research, re-focuses national attention on measuring and improving teacher effectiveness in the positive, collaborative way that we would wish to model for our students.

The movement to overhaul teacher evaluation is well underway. Despite considerable progress, many reforms have sputtered or run into controversy, often because policymakers have not fully considered teachers' concerns and ideas. If states and districts want effective and sustainable teacher evaluation systems, teachers must be at the table as central participants in policy conversations.

Everyone at the Table provides a research-based methodology, clear strategies and practical materials for engaging teachers in productive, solutions-oriented dialogue about teacher evaluation and teacher effectiveness. The book also includes information on how to

  • Cultivate teacher leadership
  • Measure teacher effectiveness
  • Develop strategies for authentic engagement in evaluation reform
  • Engage teachers in other critical education policy solutions
  • Bring principals, parents and community members to the table as well

A companion Web-based resource, with video resources for teachers and school and district leaders, enhances the collaborative approach outlined in the book and is available at www.everyoneatthetable.org.

Praise for Everyone At The Table

"This book makes the compelling case that teachers know teaching best and must have a say in decisions about their work. If you want better schools, pay attention to this book."

Susan Moore Johnson, Ed.D.,
Jerome T. Murphy Professor of Education;
director, Project on the Next Generation of Teachers, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Mobilizing educators to come together in an effort to redesign schooling, rethink the profession, and professionalize their craft can play a vital role in educational improvement. Everyone at the Table offers useful guidance for engaging teachers in conversations about teacher evaluation."

Frederick M. Hess, Ph.D.,
director, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Buy the Book:

Everyone at the Table is available in paperback and electronic formats on the Jossey-Bass, Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Instructors are invited to request an evaluation copy for review.

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