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Still Searching

March 17, 2017

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In a democracy, the policy agenda should reflect the public’s needs, concerns and aspirations. As elaborated in our recent report, The Fix We’re In, the lack of economic opportunity and political equality are driving concerns for many people these days. If inadequately addressed, we believe, our already fraying social contract could shred to pieces in the years ahead and our democracy itself could be in danger.

In the hurly-burly of their lives, people often feel the brunt of diminished opportunity when life’s essentials, such as housing, education and health care, become unaffordable. That’s why all of these issues are on our agenda at Public Agenda, and why we’re pleased to alert you to the upcoming release of our new research to inform the policy debate on how to contain the costs of health care for individuals and families.

Our new report, “Still Searching,” explores how people use health care price information and whether people manage to save money when they find out how much their care will cost them. “Still Searching” follows up on our 2015 research about how Americans seek and use health care price information, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This time around, we surveyed Americans nationwide as well as representative samples of Texans, Floridians, and New York State and New Hampshire residents. Although online health care price information tools are proliferating, our research explores the broad range of ways in which people try to find out how much their care will cost, from calling their insurers to asking a receptionist or nurse.

We hope you’ll look for this research and put it to good use.

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