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Public Agenda Commits To Transparency In Survey-Based Research

September 29, 2015


New York City — The American Association for Public Opinion Research has announced that it accepted Public Agenda as a member of its Transparency Initiative. As the newest charter member of the Transparency Initiative (TI), Public Agenda pledges to be transparent in their reporting of survey-based research findings.

Public Agenda’s membership in the TI is also a signal of the organization’s nonpartisanship and its commitment to the building and sharing of knowledge in the field of public opinion research.

“If we want opinion polls to matter for democratic practices, we need to be open about their strengths and weaknesses and work together as a field,” said Carolin Hagelskamp, Public Agenda’s vice president and director of research.

AAPOR is the leading professional organization of public opinion and survey research professionals in the U.S., with members from academia, media, government, the non-profit sector and private industry. AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative assists survey organizations in developing simple and efficient means for routinely disclosing the research methods associated with their publicly-released studies. The Transparency Initiative is AAPOR’s approach to the goal of an open science of public opinion and survey research.


About Public Agenda

Public Agenda is a nonprofit organization that helps diverse leaders and citizens navigate divisive, complex issues. Through nonpartisan research and engagement, it provides people with the insights and support they need to arrive at workable solutions on critical issues, regardless of their differences. Since 1975, Public Agenda has helped foster progress on K-12 and higher education reform, health care, federal and local budgets, energy and immigration. Find Public Agenda online at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @PublicAgenda.


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