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In communities that have long felt neglected and distanced from centers of science and science-based decision-making, Cycles of Resilience (“Cycles”) creates new pathways to bring residents, scientists and members of local government together to form relationships, exchange knowledge, nurture ideas and empower community-led action. From friendly competition at trivia nights to an informative yet fun-filled summer afternoon cruise, to an interactive community action planning forum, Cycles creates experiences for residents in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NYC, environmental scientists, elected officials and city agency staff to enjoy together. 

Cycles is a partnership with Public Agenda, the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay (SRIJB), CUNY-Brooklyn College Center for the Study of Brooklyn, the Billion Oyster Project and several community-based organizations, notably Canarsie Community Development, Inc., Canarsie Neighborhood Alliance, and Fresh Creek Civic Association. The partnership creates experiences for residents but meets them where they are already gathered, engaging young children, teenagers, families and senior citizens with games and at recreational centers, community festivals, civic meetings, and even a basketball tournament! 

By bringing together residents, public officials and scientists on an equal playing field, Cycles of Resilience amplifies the voice of New York City residents, enables public officials to work better with the community and better empowers residents to engage for better outcomes in processes that impact them. And now, the residents are taking the knowledge gained to organize others on important initiatives of their own, while being able to capitalize on the new relationships with scientists and public officials for support as needed.

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