ON THE AGENDA | MARCH 7TH, 2016 | Allison Rizzolo

In a Thriving New York City, Residents Remain Anxious on Housing Costs

Can we afford to live here? What strategies could we pursue to make housing in our region affordable again? Join a panel discussion April 4th.

A Public Agenda Event Will Explore Approaches to Housing Affordability in NYC

Even as The New York Times today declared that New York City has "rarely been in better financial shape," residents are deeply anxious about their ability to afford living here.

In a recent Public Agenda/ WNYC survey, residents of the New York metro area ranked the high costs of living and of housing as the two most serious problems where they live.

Eighty-six percent of people living in New York City and surrounding communities say the high cost of living is a serious problem; 80 percent say the high cost of housing is a serious problem.

Residents of the five boroughs are especially worried about these issues, with 93 percent saying the high cost of living and 90 percent saying the high cost of housing are serious problems.

Can we afford to live here? What strategies could we pursue to make housing in our region affordable again? What are the trade-offs of those strategies, and which are residents most likely to embrace?

At a free event on April 4th, we'll be discussing these and other questions with some of the people best positioned to answer them, including

  • Vicki Been, Commissioner of the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development,

  • Steven Pedigo, researcher of innovation in cities,

  • Patricia Swann, community development expert with the New York Community Trust,

  • Brian Lehrer, who engages with locals daily on his WNYC show,

  • and, of course, residents.

Do you live in New York City or the surrounding metro region? We hope you can join us for Bold Solutions to Housing Affordability. Include your voice in the conversation on solutions to the housing affordability crisis!

Registration is required for this event. Click here to register.

Join the conversation before the event on social media. Do you have an anecdote to share about an experience with affordable housing, be it funny, sad or infuriating? Tweet us with the hashtag #BoldNYC and we may feature your story! We'll be live-tweeting during the event using that hashtag as well, so join in if you plan to attend, or follow along on Twitter if you can't.

Have a question you'd like to submit to the panel? Send it to Mattie Bennett-Caswell, at mcaswell@publicagenda.org.


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