ENGAGING IDEAS - 08/03/2018

Every week we curate stories and reports on complex issues. This week: A new app that's encouraging users to share news from their communities. A look at inequality in America versus inequality in Europe. A new push to woo once-overlooked transfer students. Examining whether "Medicare" for all could be a reality.


New app News With Friends encourages users to share stories from outside their filter bubble (journalism.co.uk)
The social app wants to fill the space left by Facebook deprioritising news content in its News Feed.Continue Reading

Facebook Identifies an Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts (The New York Times)
Facebook said on Tuesday that it had identified a political influence campaign that was potentially built to disrupt the midterm elections, with the company detecting and removing 32 pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues.
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Social Movements Are Much More Partisan Than They Used to Be (The Atlantic)
There are definite parallels between today's protests and those of the 1960s, when Graham Nash wrote his classic anthem, "Teach Your Children." But increased polarization means changes in tactics and goals.
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One chart that shows how much worse income inequality is in America than Europe (Vox)
The income share of the poorest half of Americans is declining while the richest have grabbed more. In Europe, it's not happening.
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10 cities with the highest, lowest income inequality (Becker's Hospital Review)
Atlanta has the highest income inequality among the nation's metro areas, according to an analysis by Zippia, a career search and employment services company.
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Middle-class Americans still haven't recovered from housing bust, study finds (MarketWatch)
A new study by the Opportunity and Growth Institute at the Minneapolis Fed found that the housing boom and bust made middle-class Americans poorer but boosted wealth for the richest 10%, widening the income and wealth gap substantially.
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A Roadmap for Policy Change (GovEx)
GovEx created A Roadmap for Policy Change for cities, and with input from cities, to facilitate a new way to help municipalities rethink the way they solve problems and address the most salient policy challenges in urban governance. Read the Roadmap below.
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What's New in Civic Tech: Boulder, Colo., Works to Develop Better City Website by Engaging Users (Government Technology)
Boulder, Colo., is the latest local government to design a new website with guidance from the end users - the city's residents.
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New York City schools agree to bullying reforms in wake of lawsuit (Chalkbeat)
A legal settlement calling on the education department to do more to address bullying in schools was approved this week by a judge, despite objections from advocates.
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Many charter schools fail to disclose spending on low-income students, report says (EdSource)
The vast majority of California's charter schools sampled for a study failed to fully disclose how they spent money on students targeted for assistance under the state's funding formula. Some didn't account for any of that funding, as the state requires, according to a report released Wednesday by the nonprofit law and advocacy organization Public Advocates.
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Online learning can open doors for kids in juvenile jails (The Hechinger Report)
While online-only programs have come under fire for deprioritizing classroom relationships and providing too little instructional support for students, blended programs have been seen as able to strike an ideal balance.
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Higher Ed/Workforce

Colleges and Universities Woo Once-Overlooked Transfer Students (The New York Times)
Transfer students - whose challenges have often been ignored in higher education - are feeling a surge in popularity as colleges and universities are increasingly wooing them.
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The iGen Shift: Colleges Are Changing to Reach the Next Generation (The New York Times)
The newest students are transforming the way schools serve and educate them, including sending presidents and deans to Instagram and Twitter.
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Will Majoring in Psychology Make You Better Off? The Government Wants to Know (Wall Street Journal)
The Trump administration is moving to require colleges and universities to publish more detailed data on the finances of their graduates, part of a broader effort to make higher education more market driven and focused on consumer choice.
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Health Care

Value-based healthcare models require a better-educated, patient-centered workforce (Modern Healthcare)
The drive to attain value-based care is reshaping hospital staffing at every level, from hiring to education to teamwork.
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Majority of women in healthcare say it will take 25+ years to reach parity in workplace (Becker's Hospital Review)
The past year brought conversations about sexual harassment and assault in the workplace into mainstream discourse. Despite this newfound collective consciousness - or perhaps because of it - women are more pessimistic about how long it will take to reach gender parity in the workplace, according to an annual surveyof women in healthcare conducted by Rock Health, a digital health venture fund.
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The Health 202: 'Medicare for all' is the dream. 'Medicaid for more' could be the reality. (Washington Post)
"Medicare for all" is the hottest position on the left these days, but there's a quieter push afoot to create a public option using Medicaid..
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