Philly Counts 2020

In order to drive strong census results and awareness, the city of Philadelphia chartered Philly Counts 2020, an organization formed from a team of innovative researchers, well-connected activists and civic … Read more

#TextTalk2016 at Baruch College

In the months preceding the 2016 presidential election, CUNY’s Baruch College held a series of election and debate events called Campaign’16 @Baruch.

Students and Faculty Grapple with Issues of Social and Racial Justice in Portland, Maine

Casco Bay High School uses Public Agenda guide to help design a day-long community dialogue event Following a racially-motivated incident outside of the school, faculty and administrators at Casco Bay … Read more

Engaging Citizens on Sustainable Development in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri, is making a significant effort to engage area residents on a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development to revitalize the region. Public Agenda is taking part in this … Read more

Fostering Dialogue Between the Police and Citizens

Straight Talk/Street Talk: Possibilities for Dialogue Between Communities and the Police The relationship between communities and the police is often fraught with mutual distrust and skepticism. Our aim in this … Read more

Addressing Property Tax Reform in New Jersey

Many New Jerseyans have long been dissatisfied with the structure of their tax system–a system which relies very heavily on local property taxes. The result is a distribution of the … Read more

Setting Education Standards in San Jose, California

Public engagement–in contrast to traditional school communications–was new to the superintendent and school board in San Jose, California in the 1990s, but they wanted to try it as a way … Read more

Engaging Parents, Guardians and Young People in After-School Programs in Biloxi, MS

Biloxi: Beyond The Classroom The devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita took an important but often overlooked toll on youth along the Gulf Coast. In addition to destroying homes, schools, … Read more

Expanding Collaboration Between Nebraskan Citizens and the State Board of Education

In the spring of 2004, the Nebraska State Board of Education was looking for a way to allow a cross-section of residents to weigh in on the recommendations they had … Read more

Creating a Better Future Post-Katrina in Moss Point, MS

Public Engagement For Urban Planning And Disaster Recovery Money isn’t the only thing needed when a Gulf Coast town coping with the double disasters of a factory closing and the … Read more

Changing the Conversation on Education in Connecticut

Educators and citizens eager for school reform can ill afford a breakdown in communication and cooperation. A telling example is the story of “Outcomes-Based Education” (OBE), which inspired school improvement … Read more