Evan Summers works as a Technology Specialist for the Public Engagement team. Prior to joining Public Agenda, Evan was a Partner Implementation Specialist at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) based in DC. In this role, he led the direct implementation of and client support for DemTools, a suite of localized democracy tools designed to power sophisticated organization and communication technology for NDI partners across the globe. Evan also worked with at-risk civic groups to promote increased digital security awareness, including efforts to appropriately recommend and apply digital security strategies and tools.

Before joining NDI, Evan spent time as an intern at the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning, where he researched the changing relationship between humanitarian data and the information ecosystems of affected communities. He has also previously worked as a field reporter for Radio Mega FM in Gulu, Uganda, and as a production intern for public affairs news programming at Kansas City Public Television in Kansas City, Missouri.

Evan has a B.A. in International Relations with a focus on development and sustainability from Carleton College, where he completed independent research on the impediments to humanitarian information sharing and the role of media in the development of democratic institutions.