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Our Staff

Vania Andre

Communications Manager

Joan Austin

Administrative Assistant

Roslyn Beck

Executive Assistant to the President

Nicole Cabral

Associate Director of Public Engagement

Martin Carcasson

Public Engagement Fellow

Steve Farkas

Research Fellow

Kirk Grisham

Research Associate

Carolin Hagelskamp

Research Fellow
Newbio Jean

Jean Johnson

Senior Fellow & Special Adviser

Matt Leighninger

Vice President of Public Engagement & Director of the Yankelovich Center for Public Judgement

Quixada Moore-Vissing

Public Engagement and Research Fellow
Bio3 Lisa

Katie Lisa

Director of Development
Newbio Motamen

Mark Motamen

Special Adviser to the President for Finance

Jennifer Orellana

Public Engagement Project Coordinator

Rebecca Silliman

Senior Research Associate

David Schleifer, Ph.D.

Vice President, Director of Research