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The Value in a Free Degree

Director of Research Carolin Hagelskamp explains the skepticism employers have of hiring individuals with online degrees.

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Not All Students Are Becoming Savvier Shoppers

Carolin Hagelskamp, Ph.D.

Even though improving job prospects weighs heavily on the minds of the currently enrolled students we spoke to, few know information about the types of jobs and salaries typic...

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Webinar: Profiting Higher Education?

February 10, 2014

After releasing its landmark study on perspectives toward for-profit colleges, Public Agenda conducted a webinar to review the findings.

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For-Profit Colleges Have Some Strengths, But Are They Worth the Cost?

Students and employers applaud for-profits on some counts, deeply skeptical on others, according to new research

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Cost Containment Need Not be a Dirty Word to the Public

With the right kind of help, Americans can confront the challenge of addressing health care costs, suggests a new study

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