Public Agenda

Failure Is Not An Option

How Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents from Ohio's High-Achieving, High-Poverty Schools Explain Their Success


In spite of high poverty, tight budgets, sub-optimal parent participation and ill preparation, there are schools that produce extraordinary students and remarkable stories of success. What makes these schools work so well, and can it be replicated in others? Public Agenda spoke to principals, teachers, students and parents at nine of Ohio's high-poverty, high-achieving schools. Our hope is that the insights and ideas that emerged from this qualitative study stimulate a fresh, open and constructive dialogue on improving K-12 education in Ohio and nationally. The study was supported by the Ohio Business Roundtable, the Ohio Department of Education and The Ohio State University. The nine schools included primary and secondary schools and were a mix of traditional public schools, magnet schools and a charter school. Read the stories of each of the nine schools by downloading the report.

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