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Citizens' Solutions Guide - Health Care


We face some difficult challenges and complicated decisions when it comes to health care in this country. The newest addition to Public Agenda's Citizens' Solutions Guides series arms voters with the knowledge they need to understand our health care challenges, as well as an even-handed review of our choices and the tradeoffs we face in moving forward. Public Agenda’s Citizens’ Solutions Guides are nonpartisan, unbiased resources to help you think through a difficult issue in alternative ways, weighing and evaluating values, priorities, pros, cons and tradeoffs. The Guides can also be used as discussion starters for community and group conversations and in classes. Note that the Citizens’ Solutions Guides are meant to help people start thinking and talking about an issue in productive ways — they are not meant to rigidly restrict thinking or dialogue. The perspectives described are not the only ways of dealing with the problem, nor are the viewpoints mutually exclusive in every respect. You can mix and match from different perspectives, or add additional related ideas.

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