Public Agenda

Boosting Parent Engagement in Education

Why One Size Does Not Fit All


This webinar explores how school leaders can unleash parent potential in improving education. In recent Public Agenda research, a majority of parents surveyed in the Kansas City region said they wanted to be more involved in their children's learning, but many don't know where to turn for guidance. Three distinct types of parents also emerged from the research. Each group represents untapped potential for greater involvement, but each also has differing needs and concerns.

During the webinar, Jean and Will from Public Agenda examine practical considerations for tailoring outreach to meet the needs of these different types of parents. A representative from a local community-based organization also discusses challenges they have faced in helping schools and parents collaborate. She also talks about specific strategies that have helped her organization overcome those challenges.

While the findings and recommendations presented in this webinar come from research in the Kansas City region, they have implications for school leaders everywhere.

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